Meet the team

The development of deep geothermal projects requires a large team of skilled people from many different sectors. GEL will always try to use local businesses and contractors; however, this is not always possible. GEL has a core team of people behind every project, they are:


Dr Ryan Law – Founder & Managing Director

Ryan is the founder and Managing Director of Geothermal Engineering Ltd.   He has over twenty years of experience of geothermal energy development from shallow systems to deep fractured rocks.  He has a degree in Geology from Oxford University, a Masters in Hydrogeology and a PhD in thermal transport in fractured rock.  Before founding Geothermal Engineering in 2008, Ryan worked in the geothermal unit at Ove Arup and Partners Ltd.

David Poe – Chairman

David has been Chairman of the Board since 2010.  He has over forty years of business experience and has served multiple clients throughout the world, primarily through his role as CEO of Edgar Dunn and Company.  He is based in San Francisco and is also Chairman of the Board of ACI, a NASDAQ-listed company and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Bank of San Francisco.

David Bridgland – Finance Director

David Bridgland has worked on the financial modelling of geothermal heat and power projects for more than 15 years. He studied engineering at Cambridge University, is a chartered accountant and has worked for a wide range of blue chip and start-up companies.

Dr Jonathan Beynon – Director

Dr Jonathan Beynon qualified as a medical doctor and went on to establish a successful business in the health industry. He joined Geothermal Engineering in 2008 as a Director and investor. He works on project compliance and procurement as well as managing engineering and construction contracts.

Pete Jones – Drilling Manager

Pete has been in the oil and gas industry / geothermal industry for more than 35 years, mostly in well operations. He has a degree in Geology and a Masters Degree in Drilling Engineering and has been an associate lecturer on various oil and gas related masters degree subjects thereafter. He has managed many technically challenging operations around the world often leading small teams to achieve success delivering safe developments on time and on budget whilst introducing novel new technologies to these operations.

Tony Bennett – Assistant Project Manager

Tony is a CEng with a BSc degree in mining engineering from Camborne School of Mines. He initially worked as a Technical Engineer on the Hot Dry Rock project in Cornwall between 1980 and 1991 and has a wealth of practical experience, particularly with regards to drilling rig configuration and site preparation. He has worked with Geothermal Engineering Ltd on the United Downs project since 2017.

Jan Laszczak-Moodie – Drilling/Well Testing Supervisor

Jan has worked in Africa, Asia, Middle East, North and South America both on land and offshore drilling environments.

He graduated from the Camborne School of Mines in 2004 with a Degree in Applied Geology Bsc (Hons) and has worked as a Geologist and Directional Driller for 13 years.  He joined GEL in 2018 at the beginning of drilling at the United Downs project.

Jane Charman – Head of Community Engagement

Jane started her career in finance, then switched to IT, managing help desks for national and international businesses in retail and manufacturing before moving to manage the internet banking department at the European head office of a large Japanese bank. Jane took a career break to concentrate on her family but has always remained engaged with the local community. She now manages the dissemination of geothermal information to the local community and the education programme.

Hazel Farndale – Geologist

Hazel has an Earth Sciences Integrated Master’s degree from the University of Oxford. Her interest in volcanology led her to the geothermal industry and she started her career as a research geologist, identifying potential geothermal sites and assisting with the development of projects in volcanic regions across the world. This experience developed her passion for geothermal energy, and she joined GEL in 2020 with a drive to help grow the UK renewable industry.

Daisy Mitchell – Office Administrator

Daisy has a degree in Neuroscience from  the University of Oxford but has spent the last 15 years working in the ski industry, she ran her own luxury chalet business in the 3 Valleys area in France.   She has now returned home to Cornwall, working at GEL part time and also running a B & B in an old mining Counthouse very close to the United Downs site.  Daisy is excited to apply her business acumen to the multifarious aspects of admin involved with geothermal projects at GEL.