GEL’s vision is to become a key enabler of the global energy transition and European critical mineral independence by developing geothermal power, heat, and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) compliant, ultra-low carbon lithium projects.

Geothermal Engineering Ltd was founded in 2008 and is the leading developer of UK deep geothermal projects. The company is on track to producing ~280GWh electricity, ~90GWh heat and extracting ~23,000 tpa of ESG-compliant sourced, ultra-low carbon lithium by 2030.

GEL’s key competitive advantage is its extensive expertise in deep reservoir development in Cornwall. GEL successfully drilled the deepest geothermal well in the UK and produced the UK’s first geothermal steam.
~280GWh electricity
~90GWh heat
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~15,000 tpa LCE in the UK
~8,000 tpa LCE in the US
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Combining Production of Renewable Baseload Power and Heat with ESG compliant Lithium Production from one of Europe’s Best Geothermal and Lithium Resources

About Geothermal Engineering Ltd

GEL is the leading developer of UK deep geothermal power and lithium projects with access to one of Europe’s highest – grade lithium and heat resources and has designed a repeatable, ESG – friendly construction concept. It has already achieved significant milestones, including drilling the UK’s deepest geothermal well and validating one of Europe’s highest lithium concentrations in Cornwall’s geothermal brine. The Company leverages its extensive expertise in deep reservoir engineering as well as its knowledge of Cornwall’s geology to develop geothermal power and ultra – low – carbon lithium projects. Cornwall is the ideal place to develop GEL’s concept, as the granite formation below the region combines an excellent heat and lithium resource and is one of only five lithium – enriched granites globally.

GEL uses a circular process with strong ESG credentials and a de-risked capital deployment approach in construction to produce power, heat, and ultra-low-carbon lithium – all locally sourced in the UK. GEL has an advanced pipeline of projects across the Cornwall region. The most advanced project, United Downs, already has two deep geothermal wells, has completed final testing and is expected to produce geothermal power, heat, and lithium by the end of 2024. GEL is well positioned in its three core markets to take advantage of the transition to net zero in UK power and heat markets and rapidly growing European lithium demand.

Meet The Team

Advanced Project Portfolio with First Power, Heat & Lithium Production by Year End 2024 and a Tangible Future Development Pipeline

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GEL will install binary geothermal power plants to generate electricity. Binary plants use the hot geothermal brine to vaporise a secondary ‘working fluid’ that drives the turbine and generator.  The technology is mature and has been in use for over 50 years.  Binary geothermal plants generate stable baseload power without creating any visible steam, fumes or carbon dioxide.  They also have a small land footprint.

The GEL deep geothermal power projects have been recognised by the British Government through the Contracts for Differences (CfD) scheme, awarding GEL a guaranteed electricity price for United Downs and its next two permitted projects.

Key KPIs: United Downs Generation power capacity of 3.0 MW / Future Site capacity of 6.0 MW (per plant).

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Excellent ESG Profile and Robust Stakeholder Support with Strong Roots in Local Communities


GEL’s geothermal projects can contribute to the decarbonisation of the heating sector by supplying zero-carbon heat.

GEL will have the capacity to supply heat to a diverse and expansive number of sectors including dwellings, commercial buildings, greenhouse agriculture, aquaculture, distilling & brewing, drying edibles, wood & clothing.

Key KPIs: United Downs heat generation of 24GWh per annum, Permitted sites 17GWh per annum per site

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Highly Experienced Management Team with Specialist Geothermal Expertise

Lithium extraction flow chart

Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE)

GEL is working with world-leading lithium process developers to extract the lithium from the deep geothermal brine found in Cornwall. Cornwall’s brine has one of the highest lithium concentrations in Europe and is also one of the world’s purest given it lacks the dissolved solids that are found in other regions.

GEL’s lithium production is an ultra-low carbon, circular process with strong ESG credentials using Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) methods. The process utilises the same wells that produce renewable electricity and heat and bring the geothermal brine to the surface. The DLE process is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than existing lithium extraction methods such as mining or salar extraction. DLE uses a fraction of the land or water required in conventional methods, and it doesn’t require the use of harmful chemicals.

Key KPIs: UD 1.1ktpa LCE, Permitted sites 3.5ktpa LCE

Electricity - Heat - Lithium

Competitive Advantage

GEL has a compelling competitive advantage by tapping into Cornwall’s excellent resources and utilising deep reservoir development skills to extract ESG-compliant heat, power, and lithium.
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Competitive Advantage

Geothermal Projects

GEL has always taken community engagement and education seriously, encouraging all ages to learn about geology, drilling processes, power plants, heating, and lithium extraction technology. GEL has a dedicated website encompassing all areas of citizen science.

GeoThermal Projects